Mackay Transitional Recovery Service

The Mackay Transitional Recovery Service (MTRS) is a consortium comprising of MIFNQ, Aftercare and Life Without Barriers.

MTRS was set up to provide non-clinical support to individuals transitioning from the Mackay Mental Health Unit into the community.

The key functions of the MTRS are to:

  • Provide short-term accommodation that fills the gap between inpatient care and community living
  • Support participants to build their strengths and personal capacities to transition to their chosen community life and in doing so, take the pressure off acute units and community mental health teams
  • Provide access to an agreed range of supports for agreed outcomes developed in an individual recovery orientated support plan
  • Support individuals to build links with a range of community stakeholders to sustain community integration and social connectedness

MTRS receives referrals from the Mackay Mental Health Inpatient Unit. Participants referred to MTRS present with a range of moderate to severe, persistent mental health difficulties and/or disorders, who require specialised and skilled service responses. Many participants also present with peer, family and social functioning problems, which exacerbate mental health problems and disorders.

MIFNQ provides the outreach component of the service. Outreach works with participants who reside in MTRS accommodation, the Mental Health Unit or who have been discharged to accommodation in the general community to link them with activities and supports in the community in line with their personal goals. This may include support to link with GPs or other health professionals, employment agencies, volunteering, exercise and sporting activities, using public transport, educational, social and creative activities. Outreach representatives also act as key workers for the participant liaising with all stakeholders involved to ensure streamlined and effective support and communication to assist participants reach their chosen goals and live successfully within their community.