Inspire Clubhouse


Inspire Clubhouse provides a proven model of mental health recovery for people 18 to 65 years old. Its recovery-orientated approach includes both psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation. The Clubhouse is a non-clinical environment where people are encouraged to take a leading role in their recovery, setting and realising their goals.

Work-ordered day

The work-ordered day structures the daily activities within the Clubhouse. It parallels a usual business day and members volunteer to participate in the activities according to their interests and as they feel ready.

The projects undertaken by Inspire Clubhouse will be determined by the members. Never-the-less there are typical tasks required for the smooth operation of the Clubhouse including:
• Administration tasks
• Meal preparation in the dining area
• Gardening in the Clubhouse grounds plus the Community Gardens
• Retail activities in the Thrift Shop


Inspire Clubhouse provides a structured outreach program. Keeping in contact with all active members is part of the daily work of the Clubhouse. Outreach can be through telephone calls or hospital visits. Not only does this encourage members to participate in the Clubhouse, it also provides an early-intervention system so that members can be assisted before psychiatric crises develop.

Education and pre-vocational training

Members have often had to interrupt their education because of their mental illness. Inspire Clubhouse supports members to participate in courses. Additionally, in the Clubhouse, members work alongside Clubhouse staff gaining confidence and learning skills. The Clubhouse has a kitchen and an administrative area fitted out with computers, a thrift shop selling second hand items and access to a community gardens site for propagation of fruits and vegetables. Through the daily activities in the Clubhouse, members can learn computer skills, telephone and reception skills, food handling, budgeting, cooking, retail and horticulture. Members can also participate in Clubhouse conferences.

Employment programs

At Inspire Clubhouse, members can be offered opportunities to return to paid employment in an integrated work setting through a three-tiered employment program:

•    Transitional Employment is a highly structured vocational rehabilitation program. Positions are available for any member who expresses a desire to work. Positions are at the employer’s place of business and do not require qualifications to perform the role. Placements are part-time and last for between six and nine months. Clubhouse staff provide on-the-job and off-site support to members employed in transitional employment positions, assisting members as they gain or re-gain the skills and confidence necessary to participate in the workforce.

•    In the Supported Employment Program, the Clubhouse assists members to obtain a job of their own, taking into account the member’s skills and interests. The Clubhouse supports members in whatever ways are appropriate: facilitating an introduction to potential employers, assisting with organising their job search, help with writing their resume and interview preparation. However, Supported Employment does not involve on-site support.

•    Independent Employment is open employment where members are provided ongoing support at the Clubhouse and in the community, as required.

Location and Contact Details

Inspire Clubhouse Townsville
Location: 159 Kings Road, Pimlico Qld 4812
Phone: 07 4725 2496
Fax: 07 4725 1638
Facebook Page:

Hours of Operation:
9:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday