Family, Carers and Individual Services MacKay

Assisting families, parents, carers and friends of people who have mental health concerns/illness or substance use problems is at the heart of our service. Being involved in the care of these individuals can be stressful and may put the people supporting them at risk of becoming mentally unwell themselves if they don’t get much needed professional support. It is therefore vital that the innate strengths of people involved in the mentally ill person’s care are sustained or maximised as they carry-out their caring role. With committed partnerships between FCIS workers, the mentally unwell person’s family and friends as well as other support agencies, this goal is made possible.

Our program provides the following services to families and friends of people who are experiencing mental health and substance use concerns:
• One-on-one or family counselling
• Delivering education sessions to promote mental wellbeing
• Advocating for service users so they can get the services they need
• Information and warm referral to other support services and groups
• Guidance with navigating the Mental Health system
• Outreach counselling services by phone or face-to-face to Sarina & Whitsunday region and phone access to the outlying areas outside of Mackay